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Get Rid Of It!

Happy holidays to everyone out there. Have a nice time, and don't forget to send me my rice and presents😊😊 For the record, i don't take less than 4 meats. Thank you😂 Yeah, i just wanted to enlighten us about something.. Situations will come in life. Pain will come in life. You will lose some… Continue reading Get Rid Of It!

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My Country Bleeds: Nigeria @ 58.

Hello, Nigeria!Happy Independence day! Happy New Month, world! I woke up this morning and my whatsapp was filled with statuses of people celebrating Nigeria's Independence day. Yeah! Truly, we got our independence 58 years ago, but are we really independent?From my point of view, 58 years back, we got freedom from the British, just to… Continue reading My Country Bleeds: Nigeria @ 58.

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I’m Only Human

It all started with an argument that very day. Two of my friends were arguing with someone I don't actually know. I listened for sometime before i joined in the argument. When i joined in and made my ideas known, the last girl who i didn't know, said something to me. She rolled her eyes… Continue reading I’m Only Human

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What Doesn’t Kill You…

Hello..Been a while huh? Just been sort of busy lately and forgot 'bout the site... But i'm back now... And how have you guys been? I've been writing this post since three weeks ago, but i was just too lazy to complete it...😊I wasn't goin' to write about this, not in a thousand years to… Continue reading What Doesn’t Kill You…


TAO et AHMONE: BTS should visit Nigeria.

Yeah, right. I'm just gonna make it as short as possible and I hope one day it gets to you...😢Dear BTS,The ARMY around the world all love you and your cute songs... You guys are just the best. It's honestly my pleasure that you love your fans and the way you show that is so… Continue reading TAO et AHMONE: BTS should visit Nigeria.

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The Secrets We Hide

We struggle to have meaning in this world, which we all know. We try, but yet we wonder where we all should go. Hidden in the questions, we cannot find the answers. They're are all hidden deep inside our minds. Hidden in our soul is the life we try to hide, but in time it… Continue reading The Secrets We Hide

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To My Best Friend.

Okay... So... Its his birthday When we first met, I never would have thought that I would be able to call you my best friend. I have had many people walk in and out of my life without making much of an impact on me, but with you, everything is different. You have been the… Continue reading To My Best Friend.

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Never Give Up.

  Where have flowers bloomed but never trembled? Even those most beautiful flowers, All trembled as they bloomed. And as they shake, stems grew upright. Where is there a love which is never shaken? Where have flowers bloomed though never been soaked? Even those most brightly sparkling, Were soaked and soaked as they blossomed. Battered… Continue reading Never Give Up.

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Just Say It.

"If you had a friend you knew you’d never see again, what would you say? If you could do one last thing for someone you love, what would it be? Say it, do it, don’t wait. Nothing lasts forever.” –Brooke Davis Days ago, someone asked me why I'm fond of telling everyone "Awwn, thanks a… Continue reading Just Say It.

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Valentine’s Day: A Day To Give To The Poor??

So... First Off.. Happy St. Valentine's. Happy Ash Wednesday. I'm not really someone who celebrates Valentine's day, but I just wanna share something my mum said this very morning. Around the world, the poor, espacially children are forgotten. They are hungry. They’re missing out on an education. They lack basics, like shelter or water. Or… Continue reading Valentine’s Day: A Day To Give To The Poor??