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Valentine’s Day: A Day To Give To The Poor??

So... First Off.. Happy St. Valentine's. Happy Ash Wednesday. I'm not really someone who celebrates Valentine's day, but I just wanna share something my mum said this very morning. Around the world, the poor, espacially children are forgotten. They are hungry. They’re missing out on an education. They lack basics, like shelter or water. Or… Continue reading Valentine’s Day: A Day To Give To The Poor??

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A Birthday Poem For A Mentor💙

This is coming late tho'... But here's a poem dedicated to you... I appreciate efforts, no matter how small, irrelevant or silly it is. Just another ordinary student If not for you, I would have been, Ignored, forgotten, lost in the crowd My potential, if you wouldn’t have seen, My student life would be replete… Continue reading A Birthday Poem For A Mentor💙

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Three Words: A Memory…💔

WHAT HAS MADE YOUR HEART ACHE, YOUR EYES CRY AND WILL ALWAYS REMAIN A PART OF YOUR MEMORY? If you care to know mine, here it is... Three words... It's too late. That was what the doctor said... Eri is gone. He's dead. Forever. I've been hearin' symphonies. Before, all I heard was silence. A… Continue reading Three Words: A Memory…💔

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Do People Deserve A Second Chance?

How many times have you forgotten to study for a test, and wished you could study and then retake it later? Probably more times than you can count you have asked for a second chance. But why do you deserve a second chance? Because you are a good person, maybe because everyone makes a mistake… Continue reading Do People Deserve A Second Chance?

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 Three little letters that keep us from saying the real words we have in our hearts... Ego is the reason that we talk about color, race and religion which has killed millions of people till date. Ego breaks great friendships, unified hearts and is the main obstacle in rebuilding these. Ego creates divide between… Continue reading Ego


6 Three-word Phrases More Powerful Than “I Love You”.

  Hey guys! It's been a while since I've posted here. Sorry for being away all these while.. You know, school and all those stuffs.. Yeah! I didn't really have something to post so I decided to post this.  Have you ever thought that "I love you" is not really the most powerful phrase? Well..… Continue reading 6 Three-word Phrases More Powerful Than “I Love You”.

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United we stand, Divided we fall. Oct. 1: Nigeria @ 57.

  Okay then, let's go!! Arise oh, compatriots!! Today is our day. I may not be the best citizen and you may not be the best country but the Yoruba adage says "Teni n teni, tàkísà n tààtàn." No matter what happens, your blood will always run in my vein cos I was born in… Continue reading United we stand, Divided we fall. Oct. 1: Nigeria @ 57.

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People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

Hiya! I’m back again. Guess what? I went for a Short story competition today. It was awesome, I won’t tell you if I qualified or not… Until I narrate my story. There were hundreds of them in the hall, and I was like “Seriously? And they’re gonna choose just two?”, I walked up to my seat, which… Continue reading People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.


You are your only limit.

  What does it mean to limit ourselves? What does it mean to place them upon ourselves? When we have limited ourselves, we have decided that we are only capable of so much, that we can only go so far, and that we only have a restricted set of abilities. What made us decide this?… Continue reading You are your only limit.

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Snubbing: A very bad habit.

    As I sat down on my bed this morning after doing my house chores, my mind went back to something which happened days ago. I was snubbed. I can't really remember what happened that day but all I knew was that the least person I expected, snubbed me. I got all mad and… Continue reading Snubbing: A very bad habit.